Do you feel like
your game’s art is
boring and repetitive?

Do you feel like your game’s art is boring and repetitive?

We are fully aware that indie games often face the problem of lifeless worlds. This makes them much less engaging and the player gets bored relatively fast. We understand that the most common reason for this problem is limited budget and time.

Art outsourcing, for you

We are a small team of artists providing game art outsourcing services that improve the game world affordably for indie game developers. Our focus is to develop diverse and engaging 3D assets. We create final pieces as well as test models, blockouts, and concept drawings. We also do research, seek references, and prepare mood boards.

Write to us and check if we can successfully support your project.

Save the time

Only one person is responsible for communicating with the client for the entire collaboration. That means the client won’t waste time explaining the same thing multiple times. Individually recruiting and managing a team of artists is no longer needed as well. It allows you to save vast amounts of time that can be spent on polishing other aspects of the project.


Change your requirements
whenever you need

We know that the ideas and conditions change dynamically during game production. We have prepared our process in a way that allows you to make an unlimited number of changes, even at the advanced stages of a work process. Therefore, you can adjust our work to your new ideas or unexpected demands.

Don't worry about the budget

Our goal is to keep prices affordable for indie game developers. Final sum depends on your needs, especially the type of services, style of your game, optimization, and amount of work. The best way to get the exact quote for your game is to contact us. It is completely free and doesn’t result in any obligation. We will ask you a few questions and try to find out how we can help you.

Engage the audience

Although the visual aspect of the game isn’t everything that a game has to offer, it makes a significant impact on its promotion. It is much easier to create a successful marketing campaign for a game that possesses graphic diversity. Besides that, polished visuals provide a much more immersive experience for the players, which results in better reviews and more recommendations. Simultaneously, our service is designed to suit indie game developer needs, so you don’t have to worry that it will consume your entire budget.

Find out if we can help you. Contact us!

It doesn’t result in any obligation. We will respond within 24 hours. We will ask a few basic questions to get to know your needs and then prepare ideas for the solution to your problem.