Who we are

Ambitious team of digital artists from Poland. Our goal is to support indie devs and their projects: games and animated movies. We understand that their shortcomings result from limited time and budget. We want to aid the creators in improving the visual aspect of their project without them investing unnecessary time and money into team expansion or exhausting work alongside long-term crunching

What we create

Our main focus is creating 3D props. We support the entire process, from brainstorming, searching for references, and creating concepts, through preparing block-outs and testing models to the polished pieces. We can also partially help in setting up virtual environments. The range of our services is individually discussed with the client, depending on their needs.
We mainly create stylized assets, but we can adjust our work to achieve more realistic results. The specific style depends on the client’s expectations. We can help define the unique style or adopt the art direction determined by the client.
Our passion is creating assets set in the historical or fantasy theme, especially medieval Europe. We possess extensive knowledge about historical weapons, buildings, clothes, tools, etc, as well as where to search for such information. Actively collecting various references and inspirations (history-related souvenirs and pop culture products) allows us to more accurately represent such a setting. However, we can adapt to any setting defined by the client.
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We believe in indie projects

Some time ago, global success was restricted to the big projects supported by worldwide publishers. But times have changed. Indie games and animations conquer the international market and win numerous awards, including the most important ones, defeating the AAA projects. New, free technological pieces, like Unreal Engine 5 or Blender, allow small dev teams to achieve the results that, so far, have been available only for big studios with a large budget. We live in times when indie developers can fairly rival the studios supported by worldwide publishers. Not to mention, they possess great advantages in creativity and executing new unexplored ideas. Under these circumstances, the role of highly skilled and creative teammates is becoming extraordinarily important.
We want to support the indie teams in this competition. We believe in their success, growth, and creation of more and more engaging projects. Our motivation? Besides being artists and creators, we are also consumers – players, viewers, and readers. We’re convinced that rivalry is crucial to improving and diversifying the products. Furthermore, collaboration with indie teams is usually an exciting process. We love new challenges and exceptional ideas – remarkable creativity of indie developers guarantees to bring a lot of them.
I have been invested in drawing since I was a kid. Despite this, not always have I wanted to be an artist – initially learning to be an IT engineer, I even graduated from the Warsaw University of Technology. But filling the paper (and computer disks) is something that makes me happy. I am fascinated by how shape, color, and light can trigger emotions and tell stories in the virtual world.
I love great stories of any kind: movies, animations, video games, books, and the ones told by the fire. I remember particularly well the tales of my grandpa. He was telling many stories about his childhood and youth. I loved to listen to him. Now I miss him a lot and regret that I didn’t record or write his stories. It’s impossible now, but I’m going to tell my own stories using my skills.
Shakal Graphic Studio was created to allow me and other young artists to tell our small stories inside of the big stories of our clients, put our hearts into their projects, and become part of them. We want to write happy tales of efficient collaboration and successful ventures.
Hubert Ziarek, founder

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